Static sound on menu item change

Hello, I’ve recently received my Vero V and overall I’m very pleased with it. However, when scrolling through different menu items, I notice a very distinct static sound coming out of the speakers. I’m using Emby for Kodi and the Embuary skin.

When disabling the Embuary skin, so going back to the stock skin, the issue still persist.

When I disable the GUI sounds in the settings, the issue goes away. I don’t notice any issue during media playback, so it seems related to the GUI audio sounds. Of course I could just disable the GUI sounds, but if possible I’d like to solve the issue :slight_smile:

I’ve never had this issue with using LibreELEC with raspberry pies on the same setup for years.

Anyone would have an idea what could be the issue here?


Try adjusting “keep audio device alive” in settings>system>audio and see if that takes care of the issue.

It fixes the issue, thanks! Is there any impact on activating this setting?

Your welcome. I’m not aware of any downside or issue related to having that setting set any particular way other than obviously it being off and some devices making some noise during an audio switch which this setting exists to overcome.