Status of HDR YouTube playback?

Currently I can get 4K SDR playback on YouTube, but not 4K HDR.

Is there any combination of settings that enables HDR? If not, whom should we pestering about that? :slight_smile: I mean, is the limitation in OSMC, Kodi, the YouTube plugin, the InputStream plugin, or where?

YouTube 4K is in the form of VP9.
First thing to check is that you’re getting a VP9 stream.

If that’s the case, I’d try a VP9 HDR sample from local storage. Might need a bit of plumbing to pass this metadata through


I can confirm i get a 4k VP9 stream with YT but no HDR, if this helps.

@sam_nazarko The issue is not that it tries to play an HDR stream and fails, it’s that it can’t see any HDR streams on YouTube. If you set it to allow manual selection of the stream, then there are no HDR options in the list.

Thanks for clarifying.

I would still wager that we are getting an HDR stream, but we are not flagging HDR. Playing a VP9.2 file should confirm this


My apologies, I misunderstood. And yes, you’re right - the two VP9.2 sample videos that are available on the Kodi video samples page both play as SDR.

No problem. Looks like that’s something for us to resolve on our side then.
3.14 is very much end of life now and the focus is now on 4.9 entirely for now.

Nag me if it’s not fixed after this.

I was searching the forum to see if the Vero 4K can play YouTube in 4K and HDR. (As my Apple TV 4K can not)

There’s a few threads on it, but none of them seem to end with a definitive positive answer. So I thought I’d ask here if that’s ok in case there’s been any updates to this.

Does the Vero 4K play YouTube in 4K HDR? If yes do I just download the YouTube app from somewhere or watch through a browser? I’ll check it all out when I get home but thought I’d ask to save me spending hours trying to work out what the problem is (if it wasn’t supported)

I believe that we get a 4K stream, but don’t play 4K VP9 HDR content and correctly flag the EOTF yet. It may work better in the next kernel which will be ready for testing shortly.


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