Status on orders


I was just checking in to see the status on orders since the well deserved break you took. I ordered two Veros some time ago during the break and I would love an update on the shipping.

There is no rush or anything as I fully understand that you are a busy man. But more of a good to know basis when I can expect my new Veros to arrive :slight_smile:

Do you have enough built and ready to fill orders or will there be any delays because of manufacturing etc.?

I saw a thread regarding this from earlier but I decided to make a new topic instead of hijack/gravedig that one.

Best regards

We are still a bit behind, but fully stocked. Everything should be caught up by Friday.


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Great! I’m looking forward to trying it out when it arrives. Sadly I have been away from your solution for a couple of years, but remember the good old days with the first versions for Raspberry!

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