Steam in big picture mode on OSMC

Since Steam supports streaming games from my main gaming rig nowadays, I wanted to try it on my RPi2 running OSMC. I found an addon for Kodi ([RELEASE] Steam Launcher - Start Steam Big Picture Mode from within Kodi) that allows launching Steam big picture mode seamlessly. However, it seems that Steam requires a running window manager to launch. Here’s what kodi.log tells me when I try using the addon:

08:07:16 T:2770891808 NOTICE: script.steam.launcher: ERROR: A window manager is NOT running - unless you are using the SteamOS compositor Steam BPM needs a windows manager. If you are using the SteamOS compositor disable the addon option "Check for program wmctrl

Any ideas how to solve the problem? I guess I could try installing some lightweight window manager and writing a scipt that starts it before starting Steam, but is there an easier way?

You need an X server. OSMC does not use an X server on Raspberry Pi


Thanks for your answer. I also found this which seems to be relevant. I could probably do the same to run Steam. Then I would have the same question as that guy: is there some way to “minimize” Kodi while running X full screen?

You’d need a version of Kodi which runs under X too, which would incur a big performance penalty on the Pi


You’d need a Steam version that’s compatible with ARM devices in the first place - which doesn’t exist, does it?

Search the forum for limelight.