Stereo to 5.1 surrond

I am using OSMC with Raspberry PI2 and hifiberry-digi+.
This is working fine.

I have MP4 video files (downloaded from youtube). These are stereo files. When played on the 5.1 surrond system, it is not producing good audio experience. Is there any setting that can help here?

I am thinking of converting these files using software to 5.1 channels. Can anyone recommend a software (windows or Linux) to do this. (Google search pointed to TFM audiotool which seems to be easy to use; but it creates only an unknown .grf file or an mp4 without video). So, I am wondering if there is a software to do this?

Sorry for posting this slightly off-topic content.

What do you mean by not a good audio experience? How your 5.1 setup is playing these stereo files will be dependent on what mode it is on. It may be creating a 5.1 mix using eg. dolby pro logic. Or it might be passing it straight through and only coming out of your front stereo speakers, or it might be doing something else.

What is the behaviour at the moment and what do you want it to be?

Do you have problems with other stereo content or is it just the youtube downloads?

Thanks for the quick reply.

It is a low end locally assembled amplifier. Stereo is coming out of the front stereo speakers. I will also check if this amplifier has any option to change this behavior.
If I play 5.1 content (mpg2), I can hear sound on all 5 speakers.

I want to hear 5.1 surround (even if it is not perfect) when I play stereo contents. I think this up-mixing can not be done on the fly with RPI2+osmc+hifiberry. So, I am thinking of converting these files to 5.1 audio but could not find a good software to do this.

I would check what settings your amp has, you want something like dolby pro logic turned on - this will create a 5.1 mix out of the stereo input.

Alternatively you could have a look at this: GitHub - kodi-adsp/adsp.freesurround: FreeSurround ADSP-Addon for Kodi

I’ve not tried it myself.

Thanks for your time. My amplifier does not seem to have a way to do this upmix. So, I am hopeful of the addon you mentioned. Thanks a lot for the pointer. (I wonder how I missed this irrespective of so many google searches!) Thanks again.