Still scraping removed library

I temporarily added a new library on a second NAS before deciding I didn’t want to run 2 NASs. So I removed the path in EDIT SOURCE. But now when I run the UPDATE LIBRARY, if the 2nd NAS is switched off, it takes ages to start looking at the original NAS. If the 2nd NAS is on it’s much quicker as there is now nothing on there to scrape.
I have removed all files and links. I have checked the sources.xml file and can’t find any link to the 2nd NAS.
So how do I stop the vero4k from trying to look at it?

“clean library” from settings menu

…with the 2nd NAS turned off.

Kodi stores source paths it has scraped in the database itself.

Thanks both for the fast responses.
This has been sitting at 0% for the last 30 minutes. Do I just wait it out?

Probably so. I would guess it is having to time out every folder it can’t find individually before removing them, and that is why it is so slow. The other option is to just delete the database and scrape your library from scratch.

Ok I exported the database and there is a path still connected to the 2nd NAS.
Clean Library just stalls whether the 2nd NAS is on or off. I removed all of the sources and re-added them then waited for all of my media to re scrape. I’m back to where I was before.
How do I delete the database?

Try installing and running this…

I just installed it and ran it on my system and it seems to work pretty slick and should do what you want (It removes all entries from the db that are outside of paths listed in the sources.xml). Otherwise if you wanted to dump your library you would need to stop Kodi with sudo systemctl stop mediacenter then remove…


and you would probably want to also clear out your artwork cache by also removing…




Thanks @darwindesign, I’m not sure if I followed you correctly but I did all the above and it appears to have worked.
Now to go through and fix all the new mistakes!

EDIT I’m surprised to note that it has added nfo files to almost all of my video files. I don’t recall requesting this. Is it necessary?

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And by “it” you mean ???

Telling Kodi to clean your library, manually deleting the db and thumbnails, and/or running the add-on I linked to above will not create nfo files. They are normally created by telling Kodi to export the library or by using a third party media manager. Unless the nfo files are serving some purpose for you they are not needed and you can delete them and any artwork that may have been exported at the same time.

Maybe I double pressed something when I tried to export.
I must have done something wrong as the app appeared to run but didn’t fix my problem. Removing the db files has stopped update from running slow and clean from crashing.
Strangely it didn’t break my unusual sets as usually happens (AVP in Alien set, Ewok films in Star Wars set), so all is well.
Thanks again

Then for sure you exported your library as that is the only way a custom movie set would have gotten into nfo files.