Still some HDR issues (LG 55B6 OLED)


I’m still having one issue I just can’t figure out. There’s some “crawling” distortion/noise (not sure how to explain it, tried to film with phone but hard to record). It’s only in bright areas, can easily be seen in the second scene with the skateboard, in the skies in
I’ve tried adjusting most settings and forced different colorspaces etc but nothing gets rid of the distortion- only turning HDR off.
The file plays fine with the built in media player on the tv, so I thought maybe my HDMI stuff is wonky. I bought a chromecast ultra and it plays fine with HDR. I tried with and without my amp and with different cables so I think it’s nothing outside the vero affecting.

I tried filming it but it’s hard to see, perhaps easier when it goes HD soon. It’s like vertical noise flickering sideways.

@Pleomin, do you think you could try this clip and see if you see the same issue since you have the same TV?

@sam_nazarko, do you have any more tips on what I can try, or is it a amlogic hdmi issue with this TV or something?

I can see it as well. But I haven’t noticed it before.

Yeah it’s only apparent in very bright areas. I haven’t watched many hdr videos yet so can’t say for sure if I’m going to be bothered by it but would rather fix it if possible of course. Thanks for testing

I would not have seen it if I didn’t but it is indeed there… so not an issue with your TV, I have a Sony.

But to be honest, I had to go very close to my TV (less than a meter) to see it and realistically I would never be that close to my 75".

Oh that’s really interesting. Yeah it’s subtle but it’s there. Thanks for testing.

Hi @Martorias

I can’t really see this easily in my testing. I’m not using an LG tv however. I remember you advising that their were some OLED limitations re. LG TVs.

I’ll see what can be done however as this isn’t particularly noticeable it is rather low on the list.


Yeah I understand that. Apparently one guy see it on his Sony as well so maybe it’s just more visible on the LG. It sure does seem to have some issues but again, it looks OK played with the built in player and via a chromecast using hdmi.

And his comment was that he had to be a meter (3 feet) from a 75" TV to notice it.

I’ll see if something can be done


And even when I was 3 feet from my Sony, I had to know what I was looking for.

To be honest, just stop watching test files and looking for flaws. That is how you ruin your TV experience, especially if it is a flaw that you would not see in normal use.

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That’s good for you, while on my TV it’s visible 8 feet away so while it’s barely noticeable for you, it is for me, hence why I posted it.
It works fine with other sources so there’s something off. I understand it’s a very minor issue but it’s there.

Well then it is an issue with your TV or with the settings you use with your TV.

Sorry, when saying sources I don’t mean video files but using a chromecast I can run the same video in 4k with hdr without flicker, same thing using the built in video player, so it’s either something with the hardware or kodi.

I have a 55b6 also so will try and test. LG have just released a new v5 firmware available for download on the UK website. It brings HLG HDR as well as some picture improvements. Might be worth giving it a try, albeit unlikely to make a difference.

Aha that explains why the backgrounds change suddenly :slight_smile: update didn’t help in this case though. It’d be great if you could see if it affects you as well, thanks.

I can confirm this issue on my LG OLED65B6P. When I play the file with my Vero I can see a sort of “crawling” effect with diagonal lines moving in the brightest parts of the sky. It reminds me of the zebra effect that my SLR camera does to show overexposed areas of the image (though not as dramatic). I also tested with the built-in player on the TV and did not see the issue at all. In both cases, the TV popped up an bubble indicating it was getting an HDR signal at the beginning of playback.

EDIT: This is a favorite test file of mine because it has a lot of blue sky that’s good for testing for banding & other issues. While I wouldn’t call this issue banding, it’s definitely quite apparent in the blue skies in this clip.

I think I’ll start a new test thread with some improvements shortly.

Stay tuned.