Storage sync on usb devices

Hey Guys

My first post ,i have got my RC running on a pi 2 first time user and i am loving it !!!

a quick question is it possible to sync media to different storage devices ,so example is i have a primary hard drive permanently running on my PI 2 and i have a usb stick that travels with me ,if i load new media on the usb and i then come home and plug it in ,is there any way of auto copying to the hard drive that is permantly attched to the PI 2

There should be lots of ways to do this.

Off the top of my head I thought of a rule that you put in the crontab that’d run every x-minutes and look for files to copy but this isn’t really the best way of doing it.

There are lots of people that have done a similar thing if you look around. You’ll probably need to try a couple till you find one that works. These three links are probably a good place to start.

thank you very much ill do some reading it would be very useful if someone could develop an add-on that would allow this ,it would really make managing your media on different drives easier.all new media on USB flash i have downloaded on that day to auto Sync up to my primary collection . :heart_eyes: