Strange Behaviour

Twice i’ve transferred innocent video to attached usb - and i get a weird ‘problem with your hdmi’ error (i’ll have to wait for event #3 to get a snapshot).

Reboot fixed the first one, but it took a reboot + 5 min wait for it to come good for the 2nd one (i note that the tv was playing tv during this wait, not data from the vero).

Can’t reach the menus when this happens. Reseating hdmi cable fixes it for about 5 seconds (i don’t like to do that, but thought once or twice would be ok - frankly, i’m more disturbed by the hard power off by yanking usb+power, but i’ve started using the power board switch instead). Also getting a manual update error, but i think the wifi is glitchy after this too (i can still PuTTY in, but my share to the ip address is no longer working - i still don’t know if the update might have wiped that).

History: there have been 2 freezes of the vero (need hard reboot) in the previous month, prior to an update recently.

Extra hardware: powered usb hub with wifi and hard drive attached.

Reading through the boards now, but any pointers would be welcome.


Thats not a complete log (only APT packages captured). You need to enable debug logging and need to use grab-logs -A (captial A).

Drat - that was created by grab-logs -A, but i havent come across the debug logging option yet, it’ll be somewhere in settings i guess. To be continued :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s explained in OSMC Wiki.

Found without pestering poor mr wiki, will post later this week assuming the problem is repeatable.

Nope, that was created by grab-logs -a

oh yeah i stand corrected about the -A thing. Will do it right next time. Thank you fzinken and ooZee.

Incidentally, i notice a tone about wiki in these forums. Wiki’s are wonderful, and so are their maintainers, but they are no substitute for Usability or even half-assed attempts at idiot proofing.

You typically don’t find the answer to ‘does an update wipe my fstab sharing setup’ in them, for example (i acknowledge that that’s a bit unfair, but that fstab thing contorts my brain somewhat).

Oh, that’s how you do a quote heh.

I just noticed that the answer is ‘no’ - my ip address share came back. Also, to be clear, this idiot did find the debug option in settings w/out any problems :slight_smile:

Remember OSMC is basically vanilla Debian + Kodi with few bespoke bits and bobs to make it all play nice on the Vero hardware. So for questions regarding lower level system usage, if not unique to OSMC, then you have the all the accumulated Debian knowledge available on the interwebs at your disposal. There would be little point in duplicating all that on the OSMC wiki …

Oh that’s very cool. The very first linux iso i downloaded was debian, and the first irc comment i got was ‘well, that flavour will learn you or break you’ or something to that effect. I do note that i have only needed help with fstab from wikis and here, and not for much else (even the non-osmc ones) so i can’t complain. My lazy human nature just pines for an easier way.

We’re working on a new Wiki.
It should be a significant improvement


Logs successfully uploaded.
Logs available at

reading about it… (that link ends in left-carrot html right-carrot)

grab-logs -P -I -J -K -D -X

did not have a happy ending :stuck_out_tongue:

Verify that the 4K can access the internet by trying:


otherwise the problem may be that the logs are to large. To fix that just reboot twice and try sending the logs again.

I rebooted once, but both putty and direct ‘my osmc’ log upload gives the bad url.
ping to works and i’m now trying to work out how to stop it.

rebooted twice after the ping. Thanks, that worked.

and i have a snapshot of the initiating indicator (no video) but it’s basically a black screen accompanied by the audio (only video is a problem), with the error message:

Yellow and black triangle exclamation point, then
Unsupported Signal. Check your device output.

Control-C (Ctrl-C) to stop ping.

Where are the videos located that you are trying to play? They do not appear to be on your USB drive, but are on a UPNP server?

the videos are on an attached usb drive

I think i might detach it and connect it to another hdmi video device, just to rule out a failing tv port.

Oh yeah, and it’s happening on video that has previously not had a problem, so it’s not a simple format issue.

Video does appear for about 3 seconds, and then vanishes, which is really confusing me - when things don’t work, i like them to not work completely.

Also, pls ignore entries that begin

that IP address isn’t in use at the moment.

I have transferred the vero 4k to the tech bench, with an hdmi computer monitor instead of tv (still using original cable that came with the vero).

Trying to reproduce the problem now, and it might take several days.

I’m unable to reproduce this using another hdmi device - i’ve returned it to the tv, and switched to another cable, and i’ll switch ports if it recurs.

(Ignore the quadruped’s reflection, he thinks he’s helping.)
(new logs)

Ok, problem’s back. I can switch hdmi ports on the tv (without rebooting or anything) and the problem remains. The remote still works tho, so i can use it to stop the video blind, and hit home, and hot-reconnect the hdmi (is that even a thing?), and i can see the main vero display again.

The problem seems independent of hdmi port ( i have 3 on the tv), and these ports are not displaying any problem with other devices (dvd/cabletv), so is it likely that the tv is the source of this problem?

I have switched hdmi cables from original. Can the logs say if the vero is having problems?

[edit] ive also got no network connected to the vero, no usb hub either.