Strange crackling noises using HDMI as audio

I just replaced my raspberry pi2 with vero. audio on the rp2 worked fine. but once I plugged in the vero and changed the audio settings to use HDMI as source, my audio set up now has strange crackling and popping noises that didn’t happen with the rp2. I have a HDMI switch with XboxOne, Xbox360, and the Vero sending audio out via TOSlink.

Anyone have any ideas on what this crackling might mean and how to fix it?

Are you connected via an AV receiver? What make and model is it?

Do you have this issue with all content, or just some files? Are you using Passthrough?


hi sam,

the crackling happened right after I powered the unit on and I hadn’t even begun to play any files. I noticed that if I touched nothing for some time, eventually the crackling stopped. if I then used the remote to start navigating again, after the initial click sound from the skin sounds (confluence), the crackling started up again, like there was some sort of auto shut down of the audio channel when it isn’t used for a while. but I digress…

so anyway, I go from a HDMI switch straight into a tube amplifier via TOSlink then in to my speakers. I have no AV receiver or EQ. the crackling happened with or without passthrough - it didn’t seem to make a difference.

now here’s the strange thing, after a few reboots, the noise just went away. I was just about to try updating the unit when I noticed it had stopped. I am at a loss as to why, but the good news is that it isn’t a problem anymore.

the only problem I have left is that the remote unit supplied malfunctions. when I press any button on the remote unit, it behaves in Kodi like I have hit the button numerous times and skips repeatedly. it works properly when I use the Apple app over HTTP, but as much as I looked forward to using the remote it is unusable.

Is this a known problem with a fix?

Under System -> Audio Output -> Can you disable “Keep audio alive”? Does that help

You should only hear crackeling after video / audio stops, as we flush with noise.