Strange issue with scraper

I have a strange issue preventing some Movies and TV Shows from being properly scraped, and I need your help.

Here is my log after a scrape:

There is some other strange behavior. If I navigate to one of these problematic videos through the file library and attempt to manually add them, the scraper acts like it can’t find even some of the most popular movies or words. Take “Zombieland: Double Tap”, for example. My OSMC won’t scan it. It’s searching for “Zombieland Double Tap”, so I change it to just “Zombieland”, and it finds the original and the sequel. I select the sequel. It downloads the information for the original… So I query again, now knowing exactly the movie title it wants: “Zombieland: Double Tap”, and we know it should find this exact string because it pulled that exact result when we query “Zombieland”, but it doesn’t find it. If I query with “Zombieland” and choose the original Zombieland, it still downloads the original, so the results aren’t “flipped” or something.

This issue seems to have gotten much worse lately for me. I don’t download OSMC updates because newer versions don’t support the skin I like. I have updated and upgraded to the latest OSMC and raspbian builds to address this issue, but it persisted, so I rolled back my image. I have tried TVDB and XEM for TV show scraping, but the issue is the same. I researched this issue and saw some people have success disabling video tags, but that didn’t resolve this issue for me.

Any takers?

Probably not unless you produce new logs that contain both your settings and debug running while you are running the library scan. If it was the ‘use file tag’ issue then renaming the file would not have produced different results. FWIW I had no issue adding that movie into my library using “Zombieland Double Tap (2019)” for the file and folder name.