strange logging behavior

Hope someone can help with this. My inexperience my mean the answer is that it is expected behaviour but I’m not sure.

When I use either the tail -F or grab-log -A -P commands, in the first instance with tail -F, it shows the contents of the log from when I log in via the SSH, not from when the RP2 booted up. The log add-on does show everything from boot up onwards.
The second instance, the grab-log, the whole log does scroll past as the information is being written to the window, but by the time it has finished writing, allowing me to scroll through the info. I can only see the old kodi log, nothing else. If I use the grab-log -A to post it to, the whole log appears. I have tried using -A -C i get an error “/boot/uploadlog.txt: line 1: syntax error near unexpected token (' /boot/uploadlog.txt: line 1: Logs created on: 2018-09-11 00:14:56 - (Uptime = 749.06)'”

Which also seems to be giving problems when I try to copy the file from the Pi to the laptop I am using to SSH, although perhaps I am just getting the syntax of the scp command wrong.

Linux is case sensitive, so be careful with that. -a is different from -A

tail -f is follow, so will start 10 lines from the end of the file, and continue from there.

This bit make me suspect your SD card could be failing.