Stream error in the http/2 framing layer(92) when downloading artwork on Vero 4k+

I am getting “stream error in the http/2 framing layer(92)” messages in the debug log when browsing scraped images. Some of them gets downloaded, some won’t download with this message.

The scraped URLs are surely ok; I know, because 1) I am the developer of the scraper (UMS) :slight_smile: and 2) it works on Windows.

Do you have an idea what is causing the issue? Shall I provide a full log?

Yes, please provide full debug logs to start with.

Here it is:

I figured in the meantime that if I scroll down and up in the artwork selection dialog, then the images get downloaded. Sometimes more scroll downs and ups are needed to successfully download all images.

So this is maybe something with downloading too many images at the same time?

Even images get populated in the artwork selection dialog, it is not possible to download artwork.
Debug log from trying a couple of times:

Looks like images get downloaded from tmdb and smaller images from
However larges images from (like high res posters) don’t get downloaded with this error been reported in the log.

No such issue on windows and I think this issue only started with the last update in osmc (there was no such issue before).

It looks like it could be a bug with libCURL.
I suspect this will be fixed when we move to Debian Bullseye.