Stream from osmc to laptop, is the hdmi output active?

Hi, if you setup osmc to stream to a phone/ laptop, is the hdmi output on the vero4k active or silent when you play the files on my laptop?

I have a pair of surround headphones ( not bluetooth) where the control box is connected between vero and the receiver but sometimes I want to use the headphones when watching tv shows/movies on my laptop too.

I hop you understand what I’m trying to do :slight_smile:

How are you doing this?

I read in this forum that you can setup this with upnp

Yes, but if you “stream” with UPNP to your laptop the file is just sent over the network to your PC but not being played on the Vero at the same time.
What you want to achieve is not possible with normal “streaming” as you would need to sync the two play backs

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