Stream from Vero to Airport Express?

I have an old Airport Express I’d like to use to stream music from Vero to a remote powered speaker. The AE speaks AirPlay while Vero speaks uPnP/DLNA. For now, I have solved this using this nifty Windows application from DBPowerAmp:

Air UPnP runs on a Windows PC (as a service) and monitors the whole network for any Airport Express devices. Any found are then exposed as a UPnP device. This frees the Airport Express from iTunes and allows them to be used with any UPnP server (such as Asset UPnP). Airports can be integrated with other UPnP devices and allow extra services (such as Internet Radio) to be sent to the Airport. Also the Airport Express can play formats it could not normally (such as FLAC, WMA, Wavpack, ogg vorbis, mpc, etc)

No configuring needs to be done. New devices are detected. When switched off they are unconfigured. Note: all the UPnP translations are done on the PC on which Air UPnP is installed. The Airport Express is not altered in anyway.

Compatible with XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Home Server (remote desktop into the WHS machine to install)

Problem is, this application requires me to run a Windows machine, which is counter to why I got the Vero in the first place. Is there a more direct way to get audio from Vero to an Airport Express, perhaps some equivalent application that would run on the Vero?