Stream local media from Vero to Chromecast audio

I don’t really use streaming services much, all of my music is stored locally on a HD connected to my Vero 2. It would be really useful if there was ‘play on’ option that allowed me to play to the Chromecast devices I have around my home.
I can already achieve this to some degree using a 3rd party app like Yatse or BubbleUPNP on my phone or tablet but it would be much nicer to be able to do it direct from the Vero.

Should be as simple as using UPnP/DLNA.

Settings->Services->UPnP/DLNA Look for remoteUPnP players

If that box is checked, you should be able to chose “Play using…” in context menus for your mp3?

I thought that too but it doesn’t seem to work.

In the ‘Play using menu’ I can see the default Vero player, a video player and my other TV set that is DLNA compatible but the Chromecast devices don’t appear.

Strange, i can see my “vardagsrum” chromecast-device, but when i tried to play musik to it. I got the OSMC-logo waiting for a 10-20 secs, then it said it played, but no sound on the chromecast, nothing that shows it’s been used.

Thanks Joakim, I guess there’s some sort of encoding that Google is using that OSMC is not happy with. I’ll keep monitoring the forums and see if anyone comes up with a solution.

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