Stream movies from RPI to Windows 10?

Sorry if this is really simple, I’m trying to jog my memory on all this streaming stuff! Search didn’t seem to help much.

I’m trying to stream movies on my RPI B to my Windows PC. Everything I search for is to do the opposite, which is frustrating.

Is there a guide to do this? I feel like it’s a really simple thing to do but I’m coming up blank.

Well this HowTo describes both cases OSMC as Client or Server.

Basically to access files from a Win10 you either can use UPNP (enable in Settings → Services) or you can use Samba/SMB which you would install via MyOSMC → AppStore

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That did the trick – thank you!

I asked the thread, but any idea off-hand why my MacBook can’t connect? I’m using NFS with nfs:// but it can’t connect for some reason.

Where are you using that? In fstab on the MacBook?

Sorry, should have mentioned I’m trying to open that from both “Add Source” in Kodi on OSX and from the OSX Finder > Go > Connect To Server.

Whats the output of showmount -e

I’m getting:

Exports list on

Looks good, I am not 100% sure abut the right syntaxt for Kodi or the finder as gnerally for nfs per fstab you would have a : between the server name and the share. Maybe try to mount via command line to see if that works.
sudo mkdir /mnt/mySharedDrive
sudo mount -t nfs /mnt/mySharedDrive

Ah that’s good to know. I shall try the “:”

On attempting to mount the drive with sudo mkdir /mnt/mySharedDrive I get the error: mkdir: /mnt: No such file or directory

I’m not an OSX expert here, but is there something else possibly wrong on my end? OSX permissions per chance? Sorry, this turned into a whole new thing outside of the regular post, and I really appreciate the guidance and knowledge.

just do sudo mkdir /mnt and then sudo mkdir /mnt/mySharedDrive

Neither am I, so would need to wait for someone with a Mac to jump in