Streaming audio to BT speaker

G’day all,

I am running the latest version of OSMC with Kodi 17.x on a rpi3. I want to stream music to a BT speaker. Is this supposed to work out of the box in this version? I am connected to the BT speaker -no problem there- and I have selected in Audio output “Alsa: Playback/recording through the Pulse audio sound server”. But no sound comes through the speaker despite the fact that it is paired and connected to the rpi3. I also notice that when the Pulseaudio sound server is running it creates havoc with the mediaserver as a whole, everything slows, video streams are super sluggish if they work at all, one can’t play any music, click on a song and it does not even start, the counter sits a 0 forever. I find this all very surprising as a2dp works very well in Linux.

So, please forgive that I don’t have logs etc., my question is simple, is streaming to BT speakers/BT audio systems supposed to work out of the box?

p.s. I tried connecting using the pi’s BT, and with two different external dongles nothing works.

Not straight out of the box, but I get it working now with some system twisting

In conclusion, BT streaming does not yet work, is this correct?

Yes, it works, but not straight out of the box.

In that case it would be nice to know how you can get it to work, thank you.

Why do you have to install a2dp, I would have thought that it is part of OSMC, as OSMC is linux based? In any case can you be more specific with instructions after installing a2dp, thank you.

Click on the post, all explained there

Click on what exactly? Sorry for seeming a bit daft, but I’m not a forum and social media kind of guy :slight_smile:


Click on “Bluetooth audio on vero4k” in Fzinken’s post

Thanks Tom.

Thank you. Regrettably it looks like a temporary way to get it to work. Can you confirm that a permanent solution is being sought?



Yes a more permanent and stable solution is being sought, a2dp-app is still in testing.

Thanks Tom.

Thanks mate.

is this problem fixed in Version 2018.03-2?

Thanks in advance.

No, currently only fixed in staging/devel which will come with the next stable update.

So now the latest version is 2018.04-1, isn’t it?
Is it fixed by now?

I’m actually quite confused what the status quo is. I’d like to buy a vero 4k but only if bluetooth audio works reliable.


It works reliable, but is still in “testing”

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