Streaming from OSMC?

Hello,i installed OSMC on my Raspberry Pi 3,and i can play the different files connecting from my pc(using VNC) ,using my phone as a remote or by the web server.

But how about play something in OSMC and watch it online(on PC or phone)?

I dont know if you understand what i mean,for example play a movie(in OSMC),and then on PC(in another network) connect somewhere for watch it.


I have another questions but if i ask all in this post this will be crazy haha

I already did port-forwarding and can access from somewhere.

Ask me if you dont understand,thanks for read

Read about dlna

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Thanks for the reply

should i try this?

Emby Server

If you stay within your own network/home, you don’t need anything else. Just install OSMC on your RPi and have Kodi on your mobile devices.
Go to Kodi Settings on your RPi, I believe its called “Services” and enable the UPNP options.

Now go to your mobile device, open Kodi > Video > Add Source > UPNP and voila, your library pops up to select.

It’s extremely easy, subtitles and fanart also works. Also, when you get tired watching something on the big screen, you can continue watching on your phone since you have 1 library, it can continue playing exactly where you left of.

Absolutely no need for MySQL or Emby or whatever.

I have an RPi1 in my bedroom, which plays everything from the RPI3 in the living room.

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Thanks,the problem is that i installed OSMC for a school project,and i want to play something in a school computer having my RPi in home.

Check out on openvpn

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Mmm i was reading,and is not the thing i want.(but maybe i will try because is a safe way for access my network)

If i have the domain, my wish is to connect to the domain and watch the thing that is currently being played on my home.

Can i?

Doing that without a VPN would not be safe and would also be not as easy. So establish openvpn and then use DLNA

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Ok thanks.

Later i will try and tell you if i could :slight_smile:

I’d look into