Streaming live tv problems

My set up is 2 vero 4ks ad 2 raspi 3s with DVBlink Server running on a Win7 (legacy used to be media center) PC using the DVBlink PVR addon (2 cards 1x4x dvb-s 1x2xdvb-t
Wired network with pretty good speeds according to Lantest

It has been most frustrating not just setting up (been at it around 1 yr) but more in maintenance - a new update seems occasionally to mess things up -

This is a call to others who might be using OSMC to stream live tv
What problems to do others have ?
Is Media Portal better than DVBlink are there better solutions (e.g switch to TV headend and Linux - but that requires Linux skills - no?)

Whilst I find DVBlink support very good - the software ‘i/f’ is (to my mind) a bit bizarre.
the trouble is that the bridge to Kodi/OSMC is via what I assume to be a third party addon not supported by DVBlink - Consequently with upgrades things get out of kilter

Despite having good lan speeds I still get serious pixellation and buffering especially on HD channels (only very occasionally on standard)
I have checked every channel’s signal strength and all (both satellite and terrestrial) are in the region of 90% with estimated quality >70-90% (with the bizarre DVBlink server interface that is a several hour task :frowning: )

There is currently some problem with the add on not loading (sticking at 0%) but that can sometimes be sorted by clearing the EPG or disabling and reenabling - in worst case restarting the DVBlink server

I also have a new problem with sound - on the Vero’s (no so on Pis) the sound is strange - on voice (say news) one can hear nay one is overwhelmed) by the intake of breath. Then when there is no dominant back sound such as music or narration the background sounds (noises off) sound like white noise
One Vero is using teh optical output into a sound bar and the other is using analogue into a secondary amplifier whose settings have not changed

Anyway any observations on the trials and tribulations of streaming live TV would be welcome as well as if anyone has similarly encountered this ‘white noise’ issue.