Streaming MKV Files from iMac via SMB or AFP

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first i will say sorry for my bad english, I am from germany. (Gerd Müller (CSU) redet Englisch - Denglisch-Rede beim "Earth Day" - Development awkward I love you - YouTube :wink: ). I have a question: How can I stream MKV files from a Apple OS X Computer to my Raspberry pi 2 running OSMC? I do ask that, because AirPlay isn’t supporting it.

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Hello and thanks for the fast reply,

I’ve read that, but it wasn’t very convincing. If there exists, I would rather have a Step-by-step tutorial how to add it. Thank you very much.

From the top of the link above

To learn how to access these remote shares in Kodi, please look at Kodi media sources.

Which is also a link for precisely what you are asking. If it’s a matter of difference of skins, switch back to confluence which will look exactly like the step by step provided by Kodi themselves.

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Thank you :slight_smile: . I have been trying for hours now and I can’t access the network folder still. I think this is a problem on my Mac. Is there any other possibility to send my MKV files from my Mac to the Raspberry, that is easy to use? Like AirPlay only compatible with MKV? That would be fine.

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Try turning file sharing off and then on again.

Did you, by any chance, install SAMBA back when Apple messed up SMB file sharing?

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Have a look at this to get your files shared to the network:

OS X Mavericks: Share your files

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I made the things you told me, but it is not working. I solved this problem by buying AirParrot 2, which is allowing me to stream mov files via AirPlay. But isn’t it a little bit strange, that a software, which is made to be a media center isn’t supporting File Sharing in a LAN Network? I am still interested in, how it could work, but now I have AirParrot as a interim solution until someone can make a Step-by-Step solution, which (I believe) isn’t only interesting for me, but for other OS X users too.

Thank you for your answers

Things generally work much better when they’re set up correctly. What you were trying to do was pretty simple, should have stuck with it and gotten it working.

Anyway, good luck with your AirParrot.