Streaming on my computer from OSMC through web browser


Is it possible to watch movies that are on my rpi, via the web server ?
I mean, in the web server, instead of starting the movies on osmc, is it possible to view it on my computer ?

Thanks !

Kind of…

Thanks for the link, but it’s not streaming movies into my web browser… It’s “just” a remote control for the XBMC interface.

Quoted from the link:

It is still very beta and rough around the edges (mainly on the code side of things) but still very stable. It’s main purpose is music but now also supports tv/movies and you can (in most cases) stream both to your browser.

Secondary to that: I’ve done it myself.

My bad, I had to click on the movie, then go in the tab “Stream”. It’s not completely obvious, especially when it’s the first time you use OSMC… :wink:

Yes, I vaguely remember it being less than intuitive to start a stream…