Streaming RTL2?

Is there any way to stream the RTL2 program in the OSMC or view it in a different way?

Assuming this is part of RTL+, there is currently no officially supported Kodi Addon for RTLPLUS

Is this a stream that you can already (freely) view/play from a website?

If so, there is a firefox plugin called “Cast Kodi” that can grab the stream from the webpage and play it on kodi (assuming you have Kodi’s casting feature turned on) It’s worked wonders for me for sites like youtube, and various podcast or other sites I browse, where it’s often easier to search/find things via the webbrowser and cast it to Kodi, rather than searching via the kodi plugin for it (if such a plugin for that site even exists).

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I’m still new to Kodi! The whole thing runs on a RaspberryPI4 and is connected directly to my television via hdmi
That means I need Firefox and the “CastKodi” installed in Kodi on my Pi4, or did I misunderstand?

The add-on I’m speaking of is something that runs on Firefox on your Laptop (or desktop, or tablet, or phone even I guess), separate from your Kodi box.

On the kodi side, you just need to make sure that you have your kodi box configured to allow remote control from other systems. (I believe it’s the “Allow remote control from applications on other sytems” option under Settings->Network->Control, but there is also an “Allow remote control via HTTP” setting, and (under UPnP) an “Allow remote control via UPnP” setting, so I’m not actually sure which one the firefox plugin relies on.

On the Firefox side you then go to the firefox add-ons settings, search for the “Cast Kodi” add-on, and add it to firefox, and then configure the add-on with the ip address of your kodi box. And then you’ll get a tool button in firefox that lets you “play” the video it finds on the current web-page on kodi. (note, it’s not playing in the browser, it just sends the url for the video (or stream) to kodi, and kodi then plays it)

now I understand what you mean, thanks!

No need to go to the website to send it to Kodi with a firefox addon, you can use the Radio addon to search RTL2.
This addon is on the official Kodi addon repository → Music addon → Radio

Found the plugin, thanks for the tip!

However, I forgot to mention that I am looking for the RTL2 TELEVISION program which can be seen on TVNOW,
for example: GRIP - Das Motormagazin im Online Stream ansehen | RTL+

Radio Plugin shows only RADIO!