Streaming video from web page on Vero 2


I’m trying to use my Vero 2 with a streaming service that has no app, and I wonder if there is any way to stream video from a web page on Vero 2?

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Have you looked if there is a kodi addon for that video-page, alternatively it might be “compatible” with another existing video addon in kodi.

This is outside of the range of OSMC, but there are kodi addons based on youtubeDL, that works with other video sources. There is a jungle out there, with diffrent solutions for streaming video.

There’s no kodi addon for it. Using another video addon sounds interesting, do you know of any addon that might be usable on several different streaming services?

You can try the play to kodi extension for Chrome browser?

Thank you, that functionality seems ideal. Unfortunately, that addon wants permission to read AND change ALL data on ALL websites I visit…seems like a pretty big security risk. Credit card details, passwords etc etc…

Without knowing the site, what solution they are using, codec, authorization, IT’s hard to speculate.

First of all try if youtubedl(or any clone of it) can download the video from that site, then it’s an “easy” future. Else there is a LOT of learning work to build a video addon from scratch.

Since you only need it for certain web sites you simply right click on the extension>manage extension>Allow this extension to read and change all your data on websites you visit:> and set this to “on click” (the icon will be greyed out and unactive until you click on it) or “on specific sites” in which you tell Chrome what web sites to allow this add-on to run. With either setting the add-on only has access and is enabled for the tab you enabled it in and there is a visual indicator that allows you to see if it is active or not.

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