Strip HDR metadata while keeping 4K / BT.2020?

Hi there,

I have a front projection setup (JVC X5500) which although it supports HDR is quite dim when HDR is enabled. Both the Oppo 203 and the HDFURY Linker device have an option to strip the HDR metadata from the media stream but still send the BT.2020 4k output. Is this something the Vero 4k can / could do?



I think the problem is that current 4K projectors can’t handle a BT2020 HDR signal properly.

Even though they accept this signal they internally change to BT709.

We can probably just override EDID. Can you post cat /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/rawedid

It should be possible, but we may need to work on a customised approach and include it in a new update.


Sure will do - is that to be done while the system is playing something in HDR or just anytime?

I was under the impression they do have BT2020 colour modes (or at least they have settings for them) as one of my main reasons for moving to the Vero 4k from the Shield was the proper resolution / colour space changing based on the file. Its really obvious on the shield when the projector plays in BT709 mode and the file is BT2020 as everything is hugely over-saturated

So many people with 4k projectors invest in the Linker so this would be a nice selling point for Vero 4k if it could do it.

I guess should be ok anytime as the edid should not change during playback

Ok cool…

root@cinema:/home/osmc# cat /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/rawedid

You may be able to improve the HDR performance of the projector a lot with a custom tone curve, google for “arve jvc tool” and check the github and AVS forum links…

Yes thanks - i’ve got Arve’s tool but have yet to give it a go.