Stripped down OSMC on Apple TV first?

I’m currently running OSMC on my Apple TV and I’m happy about it, although the poor thing it’s extremly hot.
Since I got a smart tv I don’t need kodi to read my files.
What I want to achieve is a headless OSMC running:
Some sort of media organizer;

I tried ssh and uninstall kodi … and I got a brick.
Thank for your help

The top of the device is meant to act as a heatsink.
Personally I’d just disable Kodi: sudo systemctl disable mediacenter

Stripping down binaries etc won’t provide any benefit, unless you are short on space. There’s already very few services running


Wouldn’t it make sense to get rid of that pink screen ? it seems there is no way to shut it down. I mean, i updated to latest so there is that driver problem and there is a constant coloured screen. Is it the splash screen package ? Thanks a lot Sam for all the good work all this time. Even now, I’m keeping the ATV1 just for Transmission and MiniDLNA. And it’s so great actually.

Is it worth to follow this guide and then add ssh, FTP, minidlna and transmission?

Select RGB output in aTV OS to fix this

i dont have aTV OS anymore.

IMHO, no. Why bother when OSMC is pretty much the same out of the box ? What I did was installing transmission from OSMC’s app store. Transmission is a bit tricky to configure so I didn’t want to bother. Then I disabled Kodi and installed minidlna. Everything runs very well. Perfect little recycled server.