.strm files and .nfo

I have read somewhere that you can have .strm files connected to .nfo files.
I can’t figure out how to get this working.
Currently I have the following:
A directory called DWTV, a strm file called DWTV.strm and an nfo called DWTV.strm
This directory is in the TV Show section.
What I get is a folder icon and the information in the .nfo but no way to play the stream. The strm file does not appear in on the screen display which looks like a “file” listing.

What I am asking is how do I get the nfo and strm to work, and how can I get them to appear in the TV Show section? Or is there a better way to make the live streams easily accessible from the main menu rather than having to climb through the sub menus?

The stream and the nfo files should have the same root name. So:


But the stream file needs to be for an episode, and the URL in the stream file has to point to a playable video file, and the nfo file needs to have episode info. If the directory is a TV show, then it also needs a TV show nfo file. You can’t just put a random stream file with some random URL in it and have Kodi play it.

Here’s some more information on nfo files:


You can’t just put a random stream file with some random URL in it and have Kodi play it.

The stream is a Live Youtube stream of DWTV the German news channel.
If I don’t put the Live Streams in TV Shows where should they go?

If it’s a YouTube stream, you should try one of the YouTube add-ons.

But I have streams that aren’t Youtube and I would like all the streams in one place.

Then you’re likely going to have to spend some time banging a square peg into a round hole. The Kodi library is designed for TV shows, episodes, and movies. If you’re streams are episodes or movies, then you can name them appropriately and get them into the library. If they are neither, then you will have to figure out some way to organize them so they look like TV shows/episodes or movies and then create valid nfo files to get that structure. Also a strm file can’t be a link to a web page, it has to be a link to an actual video file. No wrapper, no nothing. Just the video file. So if you want a YouTube TV station, you’ll have to find that too.

I’m not saying it isn’t possible, but you are going to have to do lots and lots of work.

The following .strm works


But I can see what you are saying about the square peg. :disappointed_relieved:

Thanks for your help.