Stuck at welcome screen

Hello, my vero V doesn’t get past the blue welcome screen. I have external SSD attached to USB3 port, so far working without any issues. But recently this drive “died”, is no longer accessible (tested on other pc). As a result, I cannot get past this blue screen in Vero, even it is is not attached.

I tried to insert other drives to USB port, but with same result. Also tried to reinstall the vero, but again, it didn’t respond to the usb attached.
Can anybody give me a help how to proceed further? I am a complete amateur and have no idea.

Did you manually create a mount point for that drive? Do you have ssh access? I’m assuming you did and do and that is how it got there. If you added it via fstab then it should just be a matter of…
sudo nano /etc/fstab
and then put a “#” before the mount you added then ctrl x, then y, and then enter to save and exit then type “reboot”. If you made it with autofs then just follow the directions you got in the first place but remove the lines you added instead.

I must be a fstab entry and there also one that is not automount and no error exclusion therefore system hangs as it is a boot dependency.

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that worked fine, thank you very much!

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For the future check your fstab to avoid this issue.

Generally for USB there already exists automounting by volume name you could use, if you want to still do manual entry in fstab suggest to use Automount and no-error to ensure the device boots even if the device is not presented

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