Stuck during migration to Kodi v17

Hi all…
After reboot it seems something is going wrong, showing for 2 hours the screen
“Add-on migration in progress - please wait”
with dots at the end flashing.
What should I do?

How many addons you have?

Waiting is first the best. Login via SSH and check with top whats going on.

I can confirm that. Same issue on a Vero 2 device.
Can’t say about the PI’s as they are being upgraded as I write this.

I logged in through ssh, stopped and started kodi - and it went away.
On the raspberry PI’s I had to disable logging as it spamed the logs with CEC error messages -> There is no screen attached to these!

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Hello Mr fzinken
I have around 12…

I’ve been waiting for 5 hours now. :grin:

Than something is stucked. Can you login via SSH?
Check top and check .kodi/temp/kodi.log

Or as @Smurphy wrote try

sudo systemctl stop mediacenter
sudo systemctl start mediacenter

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Disable CEC than it should not log

Thanks to both of you.
As far as I checked, all seems to work fine now.