Stuck in boot loop maybe bricked?

I went upstairs to watch a movie last night and my Vero 5 was stuck in a boot loop, showing the BIOS splash screen for a few seconds, rebooting, showing it again and so-on. The blue LED turned on and off with each loop. After a few dozen loops it stopped, the LED turned off and the screen was dark. Power-cycling led to the same result. About 15 minutes later, it suddenly started boot looping again, a few dozen times, then back to nothing, which is where it seems to be stuck now; no display, no blue LED, no BIOS logo, nothing, but the case is quite hot to the touch. It also renamed the HDMI input from “Kodi” to “MBox Meson Ref” at some point.

I downloaded the OSMC installer and used it to make a bootable sdcard, but when I insert it and plug the Vero 5 in, nothing happens; blank screen, no blue LED, nothing. Is my Vero bricked or is there something else I can try?

Update: after 10 minutes or so of nothing, it came on, but it’s still stuck in the boot loop (with the S905X4 BIOS logo popping on and off every few seconds) even with the bootable sdcard installed.

Can you show a screenshot of the SD/USB contents?


Does the SD card boot if you press the button inside the CVBS/audio jack while applying power?

No, still just a blank screen and no LED when I plug it in while holding down the button.

Hard to say what it could be, maybe a problem with the power supply? I think, you have not connected any device to the USB ports of the VeroV while your tests to restart again.

If you have a USB cable that has a USB-A plug on both sides or a USB extension cable and a USB adapter plug-A to plug-A, you could try connecting the VeroV via the black port with a USB 2.0 port of another device to supply power.

Please, disconnect the original power supply before trying to power up the VeroV with a USB cable!!!

If the VeroV then starts normally (or from the SD card), only the power supply would have to be replaced.

Good call! I swapped out the power supply for another 5V/2A I had lying around and it booted up, no problem.

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Glad to hear this. If you ping with your order number we can get a replacement out for you promptly.

I appreciate the offer, but there is no need—the functional power supply was just sitting in a drawer unused and the Vero 5 seems to be working fine with it.

Up to you - never hurts to have a spare.