Stuck in boot loop


Yesterday I added the openvpn addon and activated it, it never worked giving an error that something went wrong and to check logs. I left it as is and kids carried on watching a movie.

This morning when trying to access the system it gets to the home screen for a few seconds, “PVR manager starting” message comes up and then the system reboots (sad face comes up).

I managed to activate debugging in the few seconds before the system reboots:

Please can someone assist?



It sounds like the new openvpn addon may causing you and issue, to resolve without re-imaging you will need access to the command line:

The easiest thing is to just reset the kodi config and then reinstall addons:

sudo systemctl stop mediacenter 

mv ~/.kodi ~/.kodi.bak

sudo systemctl start mediacenter

What openvpn addon were you trying to install?

Thanks Tom.

Thanks for the response Tom.


So an update from my side… I just managed to deactivate the IPTV Simple Client addon as I suspected it may be this addon causing an issue. Now I am out of the boot loop but I’m quite confused as to why that addon would cause it because I changed nothing to do with it, and last night was watching via that just fine.


You IPTV provided may have increased the number of channels. I would uninstall the pureVPN addon for now and re-enable simple IPTV and if it crashes again; you will need to speak to your IPTV provider about a reduced channel set.

Thanks Tom.


You could enable vpn from the command line, this topic is a good overview:

Its for private internet access, but instructions for should work with purevpn; with little change. for example change:

sudo wget --no-check-certificate


sudo wget --no-check-certificate

These are the openvpn files provided by purevpn:

Thanks Tom.