Stuck in reboot loop after IPTV simple client activation

Just did a clean install on my Vero 4K and activated the simple iptv addon. Sadly I am now stuck in a reboot loop. Remember that I had to do a few manual changes for it to work the last time but can’t find any info when I search the forum.

Suggest to login via SSH:

  1. First upload logs via grab-logs -A so that we can check whats wrong
  2. Move your Kodi directory so that your sad face goes away mv .kodi .kodi_backup


I suspect its running out of memory, try reducing the channel list or disable the epg.

Thanks Tom.

can’t do this due to reboot loop unfortunately

Sad Face reboot is not a whole OS reboot but just a mediacenter restart.
So you can login via SSH and make the changes.

sorry. my bad. log is here

First not a major issue but you still have an old left over in /etc/apt/sources.list that I would remove
deb jessie-devel main

Mar 14 14:26:56 osmc mediacenter[411]: /usr/bin/mediacenter: line 205:  2898 Segmentation fault      sudo -u osmc $KODI --standalone -fs --lircdev /var/run/lirc/lircd
Mar 14 14:26:56 osmc mediacenter[411]: Kodi exited with return code 139 after 0 hours, 0 minutes and 5 seconds

I would try to move the Kodi directory to see if it hen start. If that works you can check the Kodi folder and e.g. reduce the channels as @Tom_Doyle suggested

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