Stuck in Sad face boot loop

HI All,

My Pi3 took down an automatic update yesterday and when the Pi did its automatic reboot when it was done it came up on the logo like it wanted to start but changed on sad face. I tried to back out but it takes me to login / pswd. I tried typing in osmc for both but to no avail.

Suggestions / options. How and were do I go to get logs?


Ok how to fix is explained here

But you first need to find away to login to console or via SSH. But if your password is not working you have another problem you need to fix first.

HI Kodi Krypt,

Thanks for the advice. I agree the log in / pswd is the biggest obstacle. Is there no way short of wiping clean the SD card to get in and reset things?

If you want to do that, then the quickest way is to re-install.

Hi YKnivag,

I would love to learn another way for the sake of learning. Listening to any and all the advice that I given.


Use winscp on windows and log in using your pi IP address. Browse to folder .kodi --> userdata --> databases. Delete file addons29.db.


He already fixed that… He wants to fix his lost osmc user password now… This is not the answer…

The forum search is much faster than waiting and hoping someone has the answer.