Stuck inside network settings

Sorry but I have to ask, Why and/or how did you end up with an empty advancedsettings.xml ??

hmm i see in my winscp that the file was created (or changed) on the 9th of October at 5:23 PM.
@Dilligaf I’ve never played with that file man…no idea.

If you guys want i can give you root access to the pi if that will help you catch this network bug.

After i installed OSMC i added the following:

  • htop, wavemon, ddclient
  • lighttpd, mysql

and a few osmc addons. Thats it…never tweaked the .ini files, or restored from a backup or anything like that

Should i just copy/paste my ini file from windows ?


Tx but no need to go that far.

I am adding code to handle an empty advancedsettings.xml file (specifically a file with an empty node).

If you add that stuff above to the advancedsettings.xml file, the networking module will work once again.

Thanks Karnage… what did i do to earn empty file or… whatever the challenge ? :smile:

I want to learn not to it again

You are so right :slight_smile: it exits now properly. Thanks!
Yeah, its weird that it got empty…no idea how. At least now we know what to do in case this happens again.
I had no idea an empty advancedsettings.xml could do that :slight_smile:

I almost have a fix ready, do you have some time to add back the empty file and test it?

yeah i am here…let me know what to do

OK, go into MyOSMC - Updates - down to manual controls - Enter HotFix and provide this code:


That SHOULD replace the existing broken file with the fixed one.

Then if you reboot with the advancedsettings.xml file containing what you had above, you can try to replicate the original error.

Turning on debugging in the Kodi settings would probably be helpful too :slight_smile:

doing it now

Sorry, noticed an error, try this code: utojapakan

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I saw no confirmation message after i did the hotfix…waited a bit…and then i rebooted.
The pi hasnt got a wifi ip yet, so i cant connect to it with vnc and check. I dont have access to it physically at this time also…I’ll wait a bit, maybe it will get an ip…otherwise i’ll have to post the results tomorrow morning



Happy to report that with even a totally empty .xml file now the panel closes :smile:

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Great! Thanks for testing.

If anyone else has this issue, it can be solved by going into MyOSMC - Updates - down to manual controls - Enter HotFix and provide it this code:


That will replace the existing broken file with the fixed one.

A reboot will solve the issue.

The next update will have the fix for everybody.

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