Stuck on Preparing. Scanning for new content on rpi3

Hi guys, I hope someone will be able to help me with this issue that I am trying to fix for 2 days now.

I have a raspberry pi 3 with Kodi 17.3 and I have installed Libreelec and OSMC. The issue is occuring on both os it doesnt matter if it’s Libreelec or OSMC.

So everytime I try to add my movies to my library, it get stuck on the Preparing and Scanning for new content, I let it run for about 1h last night and 1h today, it never progress pass 0% or on osmc the progress bar does not move at all.

If I click on a button on my controller while the scanning is running, the rpi3 crash and I need to unplug the power.

Im trying to add it by NFS, I have one folder that contains around 700 movies files.



If you need more information please let me know.


Can you give us grab-logs -A

I don’t know what this log is…

I did a complete logs upload from My OSMC, but it’s older, not at the same time as my kodi.log in my first post.

I did not upload the log while the issue occured since it crash when I click on my controller. If the log you want is included in the complete my osmc upload and it’s only information about config and hardware and you still want it, I will give it.

Let me know.

Yep, I’d like to see that do I can specifically see your sources.

Ok no problem here it is:

First, i’d remove the upnp source you already have. Second, use MyOSMC and check for and install updates. Third, does your source have Movies and TV Series separated?

First: I deleted the upnp source 2min after I created this topic, nothing changed.

Second: I will check for updates but I don’t think it’s related since I have the same problem with Libreelec and other skins.

Third: I have a 4TB WD My Cloud Drive with a Static IP called Multimedia, at the root of the drive I have one folder for Movies and another one for TV Series.

In media source, If I try to browse and add directly the movies folder it get stuck in a loading loop and crash if I click on something on my controller. (That’s even before I am able to click on Set content to put it in videos and Scan for content, just trying to add this folder directly in my files network is an issue). I could not even get the scan started.

So what I did is I added the drive Multimedia, put it in videos. And when I go to video I browse to my movies folder and slick on Set content and then I am able to start the scan but I does not progress and crash if I click on something.

It seem to be a problem with this specific folder because I am able to scan my TV Series without issues, I also have another folder with only like 5 movies and I can scan it without problem.

My first guess was that there is too much files to process or something, but I really don’t know.

Thank you for your help.

Hi guys,

here is even more kodi.log I have from yesterday: