Stupid clean install question

Hi, this is probably a stupid question, but I want to be sure.
Running kodi 18.9 still on the Vero 4K. Thinking of finally making the jump to kodi 19, but I’m thinking instead of upgrading of doing a clean install, to get rid of junk and data I don’t need anymore.

But …I did spend a lot of time figuring out and setting up autofs for my 4k shares.
I presume with a clean install I’ll need to do that again ? Or does that data/files don’t get removed ?


If most of your tweeks were within Kodi and you just want a fresh start with Kodi then you could just rename the Kodi directory (mv .kodi Any OS level changes (autofs, nfs server, etc) will not be affected. If you only want some OS level changes saved (like just autofs) that would be more difficult.

2 questions for your answer :slight_smile:

  1. A fresh start would then still be version 18.9, not the new one right ?
  2. How would I then re-install kodi if I rename/backup my current kodi dir ?


  1. If you elect to just “move .kodi”, then you will still have the same system, but any personalization done to kodi will be “gone”. That’s why you get a fresh start, it will still be the same OS, kodi version unless you chose to upgrade.

  2. If the mediacenter process (kodi) doesn’t find “.kodi”-folder at start up, it creates a new fresh one, with all the system defaults.

Hope that answers your questions

yes perfect! Tnx