Stupid newbee-question

When I start my Vero 4K I get the notice that I only got 31MB left. How do I free the disk?
When I try to connect via network, I’m supposed to enter some username and pass that I’m totally unaware of. When I use the usb, it does’nt show at all. That I can understand, if it’s ony for connecting things to the Vero, and not the other way around. But the network?
Is there any other way to fix this, that I don’t see?


try the defaults osmc and osmc

are you then OK with a linux commandline?

Osmc works fine. Thanks for helping.
I’ll give it a shot on the commandline, with som guidance.

PuTTY is now downloaded and running. Login successful. Now, it’s just to find the directory that nedds cleaning.

A handy tool for looking for disc usage is ncdu. To install it:

sudo apt install ncdu

and to run it:

sudo ncdu /

It may take a while to scan, but will give you a good summary of where the space is being used.