Stupid Question: When HDD Fails

I have 4 ATVs running OSMC/KODI as part of my whole home audio setup. So, when the inevitable happens and one of my HDDs fails… Is it just a matter of popping in a new drive and running the OSMC installation from USB? Or does some sort of formatting need to be done to the HDD first? Thanks!

No formatting needed. OSMC installer will format the drive correctly

But I wouldn’t invest any more money in to AppleTV. It will also run off USB without a hard drive without problems.


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Thanks for the answer Sam, I will plan accordingly.

For general info, I stopped updating at OSMC version 2015.12-4. I think that was the last OSMC release of Isengard? When Jarvis arrived, the visualisations for Music were gone so, I rolled back and turned off auto-updates and have been sitting tight ever since. I only use my ATVs as music “jukeboxes” that can be accessed throughout my home. The convenience for me is that I load the music directly to the ATV HDDs and they just play in their own little self-contained world, non-stop, with no reliance on network drives or a NAS, etc. So, when (not if) one of the HDDs fails, I’ll just pop in another, load OSMC 2015.12-4 and restore the music from backup and continue rocking & rolling. Many thanks to Sam for supporting and keeping the ATVs relevant for as long as he has!