Stuttering after 2018.08 update

Of course that’s for a Pi2, not a Pi1.
I assume Pi1 needs ‘rbp1-image-’ etcetera


Reverting to the previous kernel seems to solve the problem. No more stuttering :smile:

Can I get top output on a problematic system with the new kernel?


Posted yesterday: Stuttering after 2018.08 update - #10 by DirkS

Really looking forward to this. Right now I’m having to enable 10bit manually then reboot the Vero whenever I want to watch 4K SDR content then enable it again to go back to 4K HDR content.

I also have this problem:

After update on RPI 1 model b got knocking sound everywhere. I guess it caused by bad performance, list scrolling is not so smooth as it was. How can i uninstall this update?

Try this

Try what? The august update?
That caused the problems…

CLICK the link.

Which link? The only link in that post that I can see links me back to my post.
Or was it meant for other users than myself?

Additionally, the update release thread is NOT for requesting support. Users should be looking in recent threads for similar issues, using the forum search to find relevant threads, or creating a NEW appropriately titled thread with useful debug info demonstrating their issue in order to receive support.

I’m looking in to this issue.

@DirkS I replied to @f1tzy1 comment about the same problem. As the temporary solution is there.

Yes, I figured that out after a bit. Too many ‘features’ in discourse, confirms my opinion that it’s even worse than phpbb
Looking at a previous response @ActionA also has no idea what’s going on.

And I didn’t, but @joakim_s dragged my topic into this one.

Glad I was able to provide useful direction to you when your common sense and clicky finger failed to explore our intuitive software. Enjoy your stay.

I’ve moved these posts. It’s really hard for me to track issues when they’re in the release thread otherwise.

TBH: no idea why they are better off here. Just a load of noise, caused by some careless linking by the mods…

It makes it much easier for me to identify the users affected by a specific issue, as well as update the users of the specific issue when it is resolved, instead of everyone who subscribed to notifications on the release thread by making a post.