Stuttering media

Hi. I’m having a problem with several newly acquired films, namely the 3 Lord of the Rings and 3 Hobbit 4K extended cut movies. They all hit patches where the sound and vision stutter badly on my Vero 4K . My media is sourced off a WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra NAS with fstab based NFS share mounts. Unfortunately, if it is possible to install iperf on it, it’s in a way that’s beyond my abilities. I have tried changing the cabling and the network switch, but no improvement. However, copying the offending films to a usb drive and playing them directly through my Vero produces perfect playback. Reading on other forums it does seem that these versions of the films hit peak bit rates greater than 100 Mbps. Have I simply hit the limit of the Vero 4K’s network port or am I missing something here? If the former then I’m happy to upgrade to the 4K+.
Thanks for any advice.

This is certainly possible. I have a couple films that I cannot play correctly without using a gigabit USB NIC on my Vero 4K (not plus).

Interesting. I did previously borrow a gigabit usb adapter from work, but the vero went into red light mode. Can you recommend a friendly version?

I have a Amazon Basics adapter which has since been replaced with a different model last I looked so no longer valid. I believe all I did is just look at reviews on Amazon to see what people had to say about Linux compatibility.

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Thank you. I’ll go search.

Did you try it via a powered Hub?

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no, I don’t think I did - that was before I bought the hub from the OSMC store. I’ll retry. Thanks for the suggestion.