Stuttering on start - possible solution

I’m having trouble with videos stuttering on starting. For 720p it takes a few seconds before it’s back to normal, but for 1080p it takes forever. Only solution I found is rewind video.
By stuttering I mean “DEBUG: CDVDPlayerVideo::CalcDropRequirement” and FPS drops below 24.0
It’s well known issue, probably caused by low amount of RAM.

I’m thinking of some kind of watchdog.
Something like that: If ‘stuttering’ then ‘rewind 10s’
Is it possible to do with basic bash script?

Are you using a BCM70012 or BCM70015?

Unfortunately 12

The BCM70012 is not as good as the 70015. I think the newer card is less likely to give you problems, but it is up to you whether you wish to invest in this hardware in 2016!