Stuttering playback when subtitles are on

Whenever subs are on the playback is micro stuttery and very laggy from time to time.
I say micro because it is hardly noticeable whenever there is so much dialogue that the subs can’t catch a break. When there is a minute without any talking and the subs reappear the whole picture freezes for a second or two while the sound continues normally. After the freeze the video speeds up 3x or whatever til it catches up with the sound and everything is in sync again.
The longer the pause, the heavier the freeze frame.
I mostly use .srt but iirc it also happens with .ass and vobsup.
I won’t post any media info because it happens every time with everything. no matter the encoding settings or bitrate. take any scene release or what have you and you’ll have an example.


Where are you playing the the video from? A network or local location?

Are the subtitles stored next to the video?

Logs would help too:

Thanks Tom.

I remember this being reported as a problem with Kodi. It’s possible a v18 test build will resolve this if you are in a position to try it.


Video is local. Connected via USB. Happens across multiple HDDs.
Makes no difference like I said it happens every time. Whether the subs are stored externally in the folder next to the video or muxed directly into the matroska.

Sorry but I will refrain from providing logs.

Would this tutorial still be the way to go for my Vero 2?
Thinking about it but I really need other services to run smoothly so I am not sure whether I’ll try out this alpha build. When do you plan to “completely integrate” v18 into OSMC?

I’m not sure whether we will be able to help with this issue then unfortunately.

Only when it’s officially released. The first alpha should appear in April.