Stutters with google drive app

I’ve got stutters while streaming with the google drive app. my internet connection is wired, and i have the vero 4k+. do i need a usb gigabit adapter? the gigabit port seems poor. this is my second vero 4k+. i had the same issue with me other vero a few years ago.

the eminent 7680 coreelec works perfectly with the google drive app. so i think it has to do with the hardware of software on the vero 4k+. can someone help me with this?

A USB gigabit Ethernet adapter will give you 300Mbps or so throughput

The integrated adapter will give you around 930Mbps at full performance.

Either should provide more than enough bandwidth to play any 4K title, suggesting something else is the problem here.

I’m not sure how the Google Drive app works but it may use FUSE and have performance issue.

I’d suggest checking that your CE device is running the same version of Kodi and the Google Drive add-on as well as checking network connectivity in general with iperf.

Posting some logs will also give us some clues.

İt worked now perfecty with the newest update of osmc!

I’m glad to hear this!

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*no need anymore

HTTP returned error 403
So either an issue with your account or Google APIs have changed. Would suggest to open issue on the ADDON Forum.

yes, you’re right. there is a problem with the server.