Stuttery playback

I have a Vero 4k which has developed issues with playback. I have told Sam the processor has what looks like a halo around it and have been using a usb as a power supply. I also have the Vero supplied bluetooth remote connected. Here is the url from OSMC log uploader inajaqegas

Please let me know what to do next.
Thanks farma


Not sure what you meant by this in your original email but I am sure the device is OK.

What are the actual playback issues?

Adjust display refresh rate: On start / stop ===> Default: Off

I’d suggest changing this to Always.

Have you tried playing back local files?


Hi Sam, I set auto refresh rate to always but it had no effect.

It’s hard to describe but it’s like the video it out of sync and jittery and always not quiet right. I haven’t tried local media yet as it seems to present itself watching basketball.

Also I have a raspberry pi 3b with the same addon, it can play the same game with no issues.

This is what it looks like inside. We are on our third power supply, currently we’re using a usb supply.

From your photo it looks like potentially dissolved thermal compound around the board. The device may be overheating which is causing it to be throttled and result in lower performance.

What do temperatures look like under Settings → System Info?

Have you tried playing a local / non Live TV file to rule out an issue with the stream?

I have seen them around 80c. When we’re having issues the unit becomes very hot too touch.

I don’t have much local content that we use. To rule out the stream I have watched the same game on a raspberry pi3b using the same addon.
I have also notice this playback issues on other streams using the vero, it is more pronounced watching sport.

was this log helpful ? inajaqegas

Thanks Farma

To clarify: what’s the temp if you boot and leave it for five or ten mins without doing anything?

After 5min 77c, after 10mins 81c.

I started the stream of the basketball and when the vero felt hot too touch ( not even 5min) I checked temp was at 98c.

It looks like it’s time for a new machine any word on international shipping ?
Can I purchase a Vero 4k+ with a second power supply unit ?
What processor is used in the Vero 4k+ ?

Thanks Sam, this is unbelievably good customer service. Keep up the good work.

Thanks Farma

Hi Farma,

Those are high idle temps (77C)

It would be a disservice to suggest that you buy a new device. Some thermal compound / heatsink could help. You’d need to make sure it makes contact with the metal of the case to dissipate heat to the top of the case.

Yes we can do this but I’d rather you don’t waste money and we try and resolve this first.


Ok. I never used thermal paste b4, will the cheap one do ? Or you get what you pay for ?

Then I need to remove thermal pad and use paste to adhere metal plate, is this correct ?

Cheers Farma

You opened it in the first place, which was somewhat surprising.

You’d want a contact between the SoC (chip) and the metal plate, with a heat conduction between.

I can ship you another heatsink, but there will be a bit of wait.


Hi Sam, I’m a little bit confused. The heatsink on my vero looks like it used a thermal pad which needs to be a 3-4mm thick ? You suggested I use some thermal paste. My research suggests when using thermal paste to apply as thin as possible. I was only going to use a pea size drop but this won’t make contact with the metal plate as it’s suspended in the case. Can you give me some tips for this please.

Thanks farma

Your thermal pad wouldn’t have melted down entirely…

There should have been one when you opened the unit.


It is a thermal pad and if it is no longer making contact the most ideal would be to replace it with one slightly thicker so it does. It would probably be fine putting a bit of zinc oxide thermal paste on the existing thermal pad to make up the difference as well. It is true that the thicker the paste or pad the less effective the heat transfer. There can also be issues with many thermal pastes when used thick as they don’t solidify and will migrate. However, what is important for optimizing cooling a chip in a PC that may be needing to dissipate 30-100 watts of heat is not so critical to something trying to get rid of 3 watts.

I believe the correct size thermal pad is 12mm x 12mm x 3.5mm. There was someone who I know replaced theirs with a 4mm one and reported it worked out fine for them.


Hi Sam I have tried two different thermal pastes and none have solved my issue. I have come to the conclusion that I wont be able to do the repair myself and I’m happy to purchase a new Vero 4k+, I would also like to purchase a second power suppy for this.
Thanks for all your help and advice I don’t know who else offers this level of customer support.

Cheers Farma

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