Subs not shown correctly vero 4k+

Hi i still have the problem that the subs are not shown fully in most movies.

Vero Log:

It looks like this:

Other movies look normal so i am sure it is vero. I also tried to adjust with various settings in vero like zoom function, normal, but it didn’t changed anything.

My Tv is a Panasonic TX-40GXW804 (40", 4K, LCD). My vero is directly connected to my tv + i play the movies from my external hard-drive which is connected to vero.

HDMI cable ect are all new so that also can’t be the issue.

Adjust tv to 1to1 also not works. It is standard adjusted to 16:9

and if i click “aspect” i only see that it is set 16:9.

Any tipps what i can do ? Or will there be an update on vero that i manually could move subs higher up in the movie ?

Are you running any test builds?

Not at all. I just used the regular update button if there was an update from vero. Same with my tv. I also had the same problem too on my old tv on random movies or series. I really miss a button which they had in wd media player where you can place the subtitles higher or lower in the movie.

If you plug a keyboard into your Vero you can press ctrl+T until it changes to “fixed” and then you can use ctrl+[up arrow] and ctrl+[down arrow] to move the position up and down respectively. If you have keys available on your remote during playback they can probably be mapped to this task (I didn’t look).

I think this is fixed in the 3D build (it’s a known Kodi issue).
We can backport it to OSMC stable soon.

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While it’s a bit of a fiddle, you can do this without a keyboard too. Under Settings->Player->Language in the main menus, set the subtitle position to Fixed. Then, when the video is playing, bring up the On Screen Display, go into Video Settings, scroll down and select Video Calibration. Click OK to go past the first two options without changing anything; then, on the third calibration screen you can set the vertical position of subtitles. Then click Back until you’re back in the video.

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Thanks, i hope the update will come soon.

Worked, thanks.