Subsonic on osmc

I have installed subsonic 6.1.5 on raspberry pi with osmc. When i setup the media folder notice that the folders with greek fonts cannnot indexing…Any idea?

Do you mean that they just show up as boxes? Or just don’t show at all in the library?

If they just show as boxes, it’s a known issue that will be fixed in the next update. You can fix it yourself by going to Settings > Interface > Fonts and change it from Default to Aerial.

Thanks for the reply. The problem is that cannot scan folders with greek characters at all and as e result is don’t show at all in the library. When i change the name using english characters start scanning and show only the subfolders with english characters

How are you accessing the folders? Are they local USB Disks or Network Shares? If Network Shares which protocol and are you accessing via Kodi direct or fstab/autofs mounts?

Networks shares. The disk is automounted. This is the scanning folder: /media/Maxtor/Music

Network share? That looks like locally connected USB drive.

O sorry. The hard disk is connected directly to raspberry pi. I confused because i dont use keyboard and mouse but everything via ssh

Is the problem within Kodi, subsonic, or SSH?

Only subsonic when i start scanning the folder pressing the [Scan media folders now], subsonic do not scanning folders with greek names

Notice that using operating system raspbian, i had no problem