Subtitle color only in gray


my subtitles are always displayed in gray. Changing to another color is unsuccessful. What is the problem?

Only text based subs are able respect the user chosen color so if you’re playing something with image based subs then you would have to source an srt file or similar. If your using a test based sub format with colors specified in it that will override your user setting unless you also set the user setting to override that override.

That’s clear so far. For me, PGS subs are always displayed in gray. Is this normal or is there anything else that can be adjusted? For example, via Apple TV Infuse, the PGS subs are displayed in white without any problems.

PGS subs are images so they don’t get colored to what is set in preferences. If your issue is that they are grey instead of white then I think that would rather be an issue with an incorrectly set limited color range setting or calibration unless this is just HDR files your seeing this with (which is a thing I believe but haven’t paid a lot of attention to the current status).

Yes, they are HDR files. So is this normal? Color cannot be displayed in white?

I think that might interact with the max luminance setting in Kodi’s display options but @grahamh is probably better to advise now that we have narrowed down the specifics of where your seeing an issue.

forced subs in HDR titles are too dark on the Vero 4K (and some other platforms), but this is fixed with the Vero V - to my delight as I have loads of HDR films with forced subs.

That’s because we have a separate OSD layer for the GUI and video on Vero V.

On Vero 4K/4K+, there was only one presentation layer that we could utilise. This also means that the playback UI will look better when you bring it up during playback on Vero V.

I know that many “people who remux” have tone mapped the PGS subtitles down since they were ridiculously bright during playback for most players and made the new gray subtitles the default.
Have you checked to see if there are other subtitles that display white.

I personally don’t mess with PGS subtitles when I remux unless they are yellow, which drives me crazy, but it can be a major pain in the rear to work with PGS.

The easiest solution for such titles which are bothering you is to find some SRT/SSA subs.

If you could give an example of a UHD that it giving you this problem I may be able to check it out for you.
I have a pretty extensive library so if it’s a popular title I probably have it and can tell you what happens on my end with my Vero 4K+ and Vero V.