Subtitle offset

Hello all,

So there are some show releases that don’t have the “perfect” subtitles but with the offset setting from the usual xbmc/kodi it was possible to adjust with other release subs. This menu was normally available while playing the video on a little icon to the right that had various options for the subtitles (I think download was one of them). On OSMC I can’t find that anywhere. Is it something that does not exist on OSMC, or am I just looking at the wrong place?


It’s still there on mine. On the OSD screen on the far right (three icons from the end) look for the icon of a speaker. In the middle of the menu “Subtitle Offset”

Right… I must have missed it…
Although IMHO that option should be on the subtitle icon. If we have the download subtitle there, we should also have everything related with the subtitles. But that is just my 2 cents :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks very much for the reply.

I agree about the quick access to subtitle options. I use subtitles a lot. Apparently in the latest release of 15.0 there is improvements in the area of subtitle control, but haven’t seem them.