Subtitle position, help

This has been a problem for me since I came to KODI/Vero from ATV. It should be easy and straightforward but I just can’t tell KODI to remember my subtitle position. By default, It is way too low on the screen for me, and every time I set it in video calibration to my liking - it is not saved. What is a proper way to do it? I thought KODI 18 version would solve this, but it still does not work, or I don’t know how. Thanks!

Calibrate the desired position and then go back to the main menu then power menu and select quit or exit. You’ll see the frown screen for a few seconds then Kodi will return. Setting should then be saved.

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I just can’t figure out this option. Sometimes it works, then it does not. Is it a known bug or? Hot to permanently set position for all movies, formats, resolutions to the desired spot?

I think you have to calibrate for each resolution.

For each combination of resolution and refresh rate.

Is there a way to do it without calibration, some other way by editing relevant file(s)? I would bet I did calibrate for every resolution I watch movies in, but KODI keep reseting the position to default one.
This is a big problem for me. Why there is no one general option for all resolutions and file types, like Atv and many other players have…