Subtitle scaling when zooming out

Being a strange sort of person, I often watch video zoomed out. On a 4K screen, I usually watch 1080p full screen, but I watch 720p in a 2560x1440 window, and so on.

One of the ways I do this to use the “original size” scaling option in the Video Settings menu during playback, usually with the output resolution set to 1080p.

This works nicely as far as the video is concerned, but it creates problems with subtitles: by default, the subtitles are not downscaled with the picture, so I end up with large subtitles displayed below the video image instead of inside it.

It’s possible to more-or-less address this when the subtitles are text-based (e.g. .SRT) by changing the subtitle position from “Fixed” to “Bottom of video” and also reducing the point size of the text. But it’s a little fiddly to keep changing those things in central settings and then changing them back again afterwards.

And this approach also fails if we’re dealing with image-based subtitles (taken straight from a DVD or blu-ray).


  1. Is there any general way (particularly with image-based subtitles) to make them display within the video window if I’m zooming out?

  2. For .SRT subs, is it possible to script changing the font size and subtitle position so I can toggle between settings quickly?

Is this more of a Kodi issue than an OSMC issue?


In part, quite possibly; but I’d have thought that advice about running scripts at the command-line would come under the heading of OSMC…?

If the settings you want automate are things that are already in the menu options then you may be able to adapt what is being talked about in this other thread.